Detecting MDMA Using Marquis Reagent Testing Kit

Due to the growing abuse of drugs these days, companies required employees for a drug test in re-employment. The drug test is specialized through pee, blood, sweat and more; depending on the company’s management to identify drugs. With Marquis Reagent testing kits, the result is productive and successful at screening.

As a large portion of the companies is getting every one of the tests endorsed from FDA for drug discovery,  the Marquis Reagent tests have astounding exactness of 99%, which can show signs of improvement results.

What is MDMA (3 or 4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine) drug?

Since 1914, a German drug organization made the MDMA (a molly synthetic drug likewise called Adam) was used for the management of obesity. Today, this becomes a normally abused drug. A lot of individuals mishandled the MDMA as this makes the user feel exceptionally extraordinary of euphoria and intense rush. Furthermore, this is a hazardous drug that can even kill those first timer users as a result of an unfavorably susceptible reaction to their body. Learn about Ehrlich Reagent on

Unfortunately, more and more people are constantly using MDMA without realizing that abusing it can prompt real damage to the mind, deformity of motor skill, and memory loss. Marquis Reagent drug testing is utilized to recognize the nearness of ecstasy as the test method is exceptionally straightforward.

Marquis Reagent drug testing kit is used to test to identify prohibited drugs not only the MDMA, but as well as MDA (methylenedioxyemphetamine) and MDE (3 or 4-methylenedioxy), and other substances. This drug testing kit is a test item which can also be used at home aside from companies. This kit will identify a scope of different substances, indicating the color reactions, and usable in multi-testing.

Since drug abuse has loads of harmful effects on users, they show poor efficiency, can cause a risk to their co-officemates, thus, the negative effects of social behavior can cause delinquency to others.