Home Remedies For Hair Growth

If you are looking for home remedies for hair growth it will usually be for one of two reasons. It could be that you were born with very fine hair and would like to try some herbs for hair growth, or another natural remedy to thicken your hair, or it could be that you are losing your hair with the onset of age. Although age and genetic related hair loss is more common in men, women can also be affected.

List of Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used as a home remedy for a large variety of ailments. Not only does apple cider vinegar work well to reduce dandruff, but it is also useful in promoting hair growth. Apple cider vinegar can be used in two ways as a home remedy for hair loss; it can be applied topically to your hair once a day, or you can take two teaspoons twice a day in a glass of water. After the first month you can reduce this to once per day. Ideally, use both oral and topical apple cider home remedies for hair growth for maximum results.


Arnica is a plant that belongs to the sunflower plant family. It is said to increase local blood circulation and therefore is a useful remedy to promote hair growth. Apply Arnica to the scalp twice a day in the form of an ointment, cream, or as a hair rinse made with arnica tincture and diluted with warm water.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. They should be added to your arsenal of tools when using home remedies for hair growth. As well as eating raw onions and garlic as often as possible, make a paste using a food processor or a garlic crusher and apply it to the areas where your hair is thinning. Garlic will stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which will help the hair grow and become stronger. Onion juice will also boost scalp circulation and cleanse the hair follicles.


Some natural practitioners believe hair loss is partly due to poor liver function. Because the liver is the body’s main detoxification organ, when it is overworked and fails to function optimally, toxins will build up in your system. The body then places priority on removing these toxins and less important tasks such as hair growth are put to aside. Drink a glass of freshly made spinach juice at least once a day to do help detox the liver and therefore increase hair growth.

Neutral Henna

Henna is a hardy flowering plant that has been used for many centuries to dye hair, fabrics and even skin. It induces a deep shade of red copper or can be used to liven up brown hair. Most stores that sell henna will also stock neutral henna, which is a greenish powder that smells somewhat of cut grass. Neutral henna will not color your hair. However, it is very useful as a hair thickener and therefore will disguise signs of thinning hair, and make the remaining hair much stronger. To use neutral henna, you need to mix it with water until you have a thick paste. You should then wrap your hair in plastic film, as when the henna begins to dry it is likely to crumble and can be rather messy. This is one of the more effective hair growth remedies when used on a weekly basis.

Eating for Healthy Hair

What one would eat may not induce hair growth, but it can help the remaining hair that you have appear more healthy and thicker. An important dietary need for healthy hair is essential fatty acids. These are found in walnuts, olive oil, oily fish, and avocados.

Women in particular should also make sure they include plenty of iron in their diet as a lack of iron can lead to anemia and a decrease of red blood cells. This is frequently an undiagnosed cause of female hair loss. Foods rich in iron include spinach, broccoli and brewers yeast. Be sure to include these in your diet if you have noticed your hair is thinning or falling out.

Vitamins for Hair Growth

When using home remedies for hair growth, make sure you also take in plenty of vitamins. If you are unsure if your diet provides you with adequate vitamins, take a biotin supplement, zinc, and also a vitamin B complex tablet daily.